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Welcoming 2023 at Glossed Studio!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday and celebrated a happy and healthy new year! We definitely did! Glossed Studio will officially be back from winter break 1/3/23 and we are READY! While this time off with our loved ones has been great, we can't wait to get back! There's been some exciting changes and additions to our salon that we've been dying to share and we finally can! So we'll be taking this opportunity to update you on all things Glossed that's happening in 2023!

First, we've now included "add-ons" while booking! What this means is all you need to do is choose a service and a list of add-on services will pop up for you to choose, (or not). No need to look any further! This will enable more of a streamlined booking process with everything available with just a couple of clicks! You'll notice that a couple of service packages have been removed as this "add-on" process will take the place of these packages. Check it out here!

Since we are still in the midst of cold & flu season, we've opted to stick with masking for the time being. We have also updated our forms and condensed our health questionnaire. Please be sure to fill out your form prior to your appointment. We appreciate your continued support and thank you for always respecting our policies and keeping us healthy. We will keep you updated with any change as soon as we know anything.

You'll notice a small price increase in some of our services effective immediately. These adjustments are necessary to keep up with the continual increases in products, overhead costs, and inflation. All appointments that are booked will stay at their price when booked and all future bookings will be subject to new pricing. Once again, we appreciate your understanding and continued support.

Beginning February 1st we will FINALLY be welcoming back our snack and beverage service! Throughout this month we'll be testing drinks to add to our drink menu! So be sure to look out for that when you're in! We will need testers! :)

And finally, due to popular demand, Marlise will be offering some services as a la carte services effective immediately! All lightening services will continue to be offered in packages, but haircuts, touchups, full colors, toners, and Brazilian Blowouts will now be available to book with Marlise! And to make this process easy breezy, we've added a tab when booking called "Book with Marlise". Super simple!

Thank you for choosing us as your stylists, friends, confidants, chosen family, and everything in between! It is because of you that we are able to live our dream and do what we love everyday!

With love,

The Glossed Team

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