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  • Marlise Jimenez

Big Congratulations Are In Order!

Please join us in celebrating our amazing team members Chelsey & Tori!

Starting June 1st Chelsey will be in the salon taking clients full time! While we've enjoyed having her assist as well as take her own clients, it's now time for her to spread her wings and fly solo-ish. LOL! Of course we'll all still be together and work as a team, but now she'll have more time in her schedule to see more of YOU! The amount of growth we've had the privilege of witnessing over the past 2 years, both personally and professionally, has been outstanding and we couldn't be more happy to have her expertise behind the chair 100% of the time! At this time Chelsey's service menu will remain the same, but keep an eye out because we'll be rolling out more services very soon!

Now that we have Chelsey moving on, that would leave us with quite the void to fill, fortunately for us, Tori is ready to make the transition over to Glossed full time as well! The stars have aligned and Tori has now officially left her second job and will be starting full time on June 1st as well! We are so excited to have Tori full time and have the gang all together all the time! Tori will be continuing to take her own clients on Tuesdays and Saturday afternoons, so no need to worry there! Be sure to keep an eye out for model calls as Tori will be adding services to her menu as well!

This has all come at such a perfect time and we are all more than ready to take on the summer rush! As a reminder, moving into our busiest season, we encourage you to book in advance in order to ensure you receive the appointment time that works best for you! As always, thank you for your continued support! See you soon!


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