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  • Marlise Jimenez

Checking in!

I hope this message finds everyone well and in good health! We just wanted to do a check in and see how your shelter in place is going and let you know about some things that are going on with us!

During the SIP we have really been brainstorming on ways that we can stay connected and of course that would be fun for all of us! So, we're super excited to share a couple things with you! 1. We are working on tutorials for hair, makeup, lifestyle hacks, and cooking and will be posted on our brand new YouTube channel! This way, if you're curious, it'll be there for your viewing pleasure. :) Our channel will be up and running mid next week! 2. We have been working on a podcast for quite sometime and will finally be recording starting next week! This is something that we will be sharing all about life, love, hair, makeup, parenting, relationships, you name it, and it'll be on there! Just a more in depth way for us to stay connected! We will be posting with all of the info for both as soon as we are up and running!

Our goal is to share about us, family, friends, and experiences and hopefully inspire and help as many people as possible!

If you have any suggestions you'd like to see or hear about, please send us your ideas! Any feedback from you would be amazing!!!!!

We also wanted to let you know about a few ways you can support our small business during this time:

-Leave us a review

-Refer a friend

-Purchase a product

-Give us a shout out online

-Share a photo

-Comment or like a post

If you'd like to buy product to hold you over, click the link below! If you're interested in purchasing any root touch up kits or glosses, please contact us directly!

As always, thank you for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you very soon! Please stay safe and healthy. Sending so much love!

Marlise Jimenez

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