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Covid-19 Update

We hope you and your loved ones are well! As I'm sure you've heard, the shelter in place for Santa Clara County has been extended to May 31st. In addition to the extension, Governor Newsom has set up a re-entry plan that involves 4 phases. In which hair salons are classified as phase 3. We are currently in phase 1 and in weeks, we should be in phase 2. According to Gov. Newsom, phase 3 will be in months. With that said, we are remaining closed until further notice. We will continue to keep our online booking closed until we have a definite date when we will be reopening.

Although we love being home with our loved ones, we miss the heck out of you! Please know that we want to get back into the salon as soon as possible! But, we completely understand the policies that are being set to ensure your safety as well as ours. During this time off we've been working on a re-entry plan of our own that way we are able to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible.

The times are extremely difficult, especially for small businesses. Even though we can't see you in person, there are plenty of ways you can support my small business from home!

-Purchase product from our affiliate site (we receive a small percentage for any sales made)

-Leave us a review on Yelp

-Tell a friend about us :)

-Like, comment, or share a post on social media

Any and all support is greatly appreciated! We keep pretty active on social media sharing our daily activities, hair, makeup etc. if you don't already follow us, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook @marlisestyles and @glossedstudio to stay in touch!

As promised we have started filming for our new YouTube channel and our very first video is now up! You can find us on YouTube @marlisestyles as well!

We look forwart to hearing your feedback and we cannot wait to see you all soon! Continue to stay home and stay safe!

With love,

Marlise Jimenez

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