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Fall Is Here!

FALLing in love with YOU all over again!

Fall time is one of the most amazing times and Chelsey's all time fave! Mainly because the temps are dropping and Chelsey really isn't a fan of the heat! LOL! But, we collectively love the fall time because it's a sign of the holidays to come! The crisp air, fall fashion, holiday drinks, and of course the fall hair trends which we at Glossed are a little partial to! ;)

While this can be an absolute magical time, it can also be the start to a very trying time of the year for millions of people. The season change is also a sign that the time change is coming meaning darkness beginning in the late afternoon/early evening, seasonal depression, the holidays approaching which can be a very trying time for some, and the approaching end of the year which can create stress and anxiety for numerous reasons.

Now whether you're in group A or group B, or a little bit of both, this is definitely a time of transition and shift which requires some adjustments and acclimating. With our team sharing some feelings from both groups, we'd like to share a few things we do to set ourselves up to be our best selves going into our busy season.

Fall Slay Practices

1. Rearrange or redecorate. If you're not into fall/holiday decor, that's totally fine! Changing some decor accents, adding a new plant, or just moving things around can change your perspective and give you a fresh outlook on your space which will give you a positive jumping off point.

2. Purchase a sunrise alarm clock. This will aide in the waking up process being that it is a lot more difficult to get up when the temps are chillier outside and it's dark.

3. Taking a brisk walk or simply being outside. It is very easy to want to solely stay indoors during the fall months, but being outdoors is proven to assist in mental health quality. So get some fresh air!

4. Limit social media and electronic usage time. This is a time where most of our time will be spent in doors which equates to a ton more time online and on our phones. This can definitely take a toll on our mental health. So try an unplug day and be sure to put your phone down at least an hour before you go to sleep. It sounds tough, but can provide so much clarity and keep you out of the comparison and shame rabbit hole.

5. Add extra moisture to your haircare routine and try heatless styles! We tend to reach for heat styling a ton more during the later months due to the cold outdoor temps which will cause much more damage over time. This is a time to add an extreme hydrating mask to the routine and a hydrating leave-in withe thermal heat protection. These are a must!

6. And last, but not least, PLAN AHEAD! Take a look at your social calendars, take note of all important dates and book those beauty appointments! This will move all the stress and anxiety surrounding any last minute scrambling and will ensure you look STUNNING for any and all events this fall season!

While on the topic of holiday events, this is your friendly reminder that all of us at Glossed provide special occasion hair and makeup services and would love to get you ready this holiday season!

This season is a joyous time and always a time for gratitude and reflection on the year that we've made it through. We will always feel so grateful for all that choose to spend their hard earned money and precious time sitting in our chair. So please know, you are appreciated.

If you find yourself in a dark space and are needing some extra love, know you're not alone. Please reach out to loved ones or US! Our salon is a safe space that you are always welcome.

Sending love and light always,

Marlise, Chelsey, & Tori

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