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Is it too late for Happy New Year???

Hop in! We're on our way to do amazing things and you're coming!

2024 Has brought on a season of change for Glossed Studio, but before we get into that, let's chat a bit about how our 2023 wrapped up!

The last time we spoke, we had just announced our fundraiser/giveaway for the Angel Tree recipients from the Salvation Army. Not surprisingly our clients, friends, and family showed up in a huge way and we were able to raise over $2600 and provided gifts for 52 recipients! It was way more than we could have imagined and we look forward to doing this next year as well!

Congratulations to our big winner Michelle Sandoval!

We finished out December being extremely busy which left us with our salon and hearts full.

Now let's get into 2024!

WE'RE MOVING! Don't panic, we're just moving down the hallway! LOL! In alignment with our goals of opening a store front location for Glossed, this is the next step in our journey helping us to get even closer. The move will be in mid-March. As time gets closer we'll have an exact date and will keep you posted! So don't stress, we'll still be meeting at the same place, just a different studio! :)

With the move of the studio and us having a whole new space to create in, we decided it was time for a rebranding! So keep an eye out for that!

In keeping with the theme of starting fresh, we'll also be changing our service menu. We'll be simplifying it even further to ensure you experience the most seamless booking process possible. This will be rolling out slowly over the next month. If you have any booking questions, please text or email.

And last, but certainly not least, our beautiful Tori will no longer be assisting. She will be taking clients Fridays and Saturdays focusing on curly cuts and styling only. This is her passion and we are so happy to see her thrive doing what she loves. This new schedule will begin in mid-March as well, so if you're looking to get in with her on a Friday or Saturday, your time is coming soon!

Until mid-March, Tori will be assisting Marlise Friday and Saturday which means Marlise will be taking clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays solo. So if you're looking to have a one on one appointment or would simply like a bit of a quieter appointment, that would be your time to book!

We know you have an endless amount of options when it comes to your beauty needs, so thank you. Thank you for your trust, loyalty, and unwavered support. Thank you for allowing us to care for you, for caring for us, for sharing your lives with us, and for always being our biggest cheerleaders! We are so grateful and lucky to have you.

A few thoughts for the new year from Marlise

"Be gently with yourself. The new year is often a time of resolutions and huge expectations being set. While having goals is great! Be sure to celebrate all of your little wins as well as the big ones. and if direction needs to change, that's ok. The focus is new year, better me, not new me. You are amazing the way you are! We don't want a new you! Love you."

Sending you so many blessings and lots and lots of love for 2024 and forever!


The Glossed Team

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